Regulations for Public Worship at CCB

Dear Friends of Christ Church Bexleyheath,


  1. In consultation with the PCC, the arrangements for public worship from Sunday 25th July 2021 at Christ Church Bexleyheath are as set out below. These are of course, subject to change as we do not know how the Covid virus will develop over the summer.


  1. We propose an evolution of the arrangements that we have in place currently.


  1. We request that hand sanitisers continue to be used upon entry / exit from church and that everyone should wear a facemask on entering the church (unless exempted on medical grounds).


  1. We continue to ask people to sit in their bubbles.


  1. We encourage all those who consider themselves to be vulnerable or at risk of Covid to attend either the 9.15am HC or 6pm Evensong. Numbers are much reduced at these services, and it allows greater social distancing.


  1. We keep with current arrangements for the Eucharist - in one kind only (wafers) and administered from the Ciborium and clergy will wear face masks for the administration. The elements will be prepared beforehand and not brought up to the Altar. We will also keep with the current arrangements for sharing the peace (waving).


  1. We will relax the rules on numbers of adults allowed to sing in the choir - no limit. However, no children or young people singing in the choir until at least September. We will revert to singing four hymns at the 11am service. The choir vestry will continue to be out of use for choir members.


  1. We divide the church into two segments - north side (car park) of the central aisle and south side (Broadway) of the central aisle. This means a side aisle and a central aisle for both north and south, dividing the church equally into two. The south side remains as it is currently with every other PEW cordoned off to maintain social distance, however on the north side every PEW will be available for seating.


  1. People who wish to wear face masks for the whole service, want to maintain social distance and do not want to sing or have people singing around them are to sit in the south side of the church.


  1. People who do not wish to wear face masks, are happy to sit closer to others, want to sing and sit alongside others who might sing are to sit in the north side.


  1. Everyone will still enter and exit through the southside (Broadway) entrance at the beginning and end of services.


  1. Between 9.15am and 11am services we can change the PEWS over on the South side - so those used at 9.15am will not be used at 11am.


  1. We will put up some signage indicating that the South Side is for people wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing etc, whilst the North side is free of restrictions.


  1. Risk assessment to be updated with the above points and placed on the church website.


  1. Welcomers this Sunday to be fully briefed on the above arrangements so that they can direct people as they arrive in church to either the North or South Side.


  1. We will restart the ability for visitors to light candles in the side chapel.


  1. These arrangements to be communicated to people tomorrow via email, social media and the church website. On entering the church this Sunday, everyone to be given this information in writing.


Rev Trevor Wyatt - 22nd July 2021