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Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Community


Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Community

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Background and Overview

Since July 2022, the Project Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Community (UOAC) in collaboration with Anglican Christ Church Bexleyheath have created a vital lifeline for Ukrainians in South East London. UOAC is run by a team volunteers.

This initiative offers humanitarian aid, wellbeing support, language classes, and crafts sessions to help community members integrate into the UK, whilst still preserving and practicing their cultural heritage. Additionally, the community has established a Ukrainian School which meets on a Sunday afternoon to teach young Ukrainians through stories and songs about their Christian faith, Ukrainian language and Ukrainian history. These efforts ensure children can resist modern disinformation and foster a sense of belonging, advocating for the real Ukraine and its true history, whilst living in the UK.

Many Ukrainian refugees and immigrants bring valuable skills and experiences that are often underutilised. They found difficulties to integrate into the local community and to learn the English Language. With the support of our amazing volunteer team, we have recently organised Ukraine Fest (May 2024) which created the opportunity to meet representatives from the local council, our MP and to enrol attendees in to ESOL classes.

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