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During a christening your child will be baptised with water. It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family. Follow the links to find answers to your questions and to explore all that a christening means, not just on the day but long afterwards.

Congratulations and best wishes from us all at Christ Church.  

We have an open and welcoming policy concerning Christening at Christ Church which is available to all. 

We hold Christenings services at 1.15pm on certain Sundays in church where ‘families only’ are in attendance, and we also include Christenings at some of our main services in church on Sunday at 11am. 

The date and time for a Christening is by mutual agreement between the Vicar and the family.

Trevor our Vicar will meet with you prior to the Baptism, to go through the service and explain what Christening/Baptism is all about.

For Infant Baptisms you need to have a minimum of two God-parents.  These are people who you trust to support and pray for your son/daughter being Christened as they journey through life.

If you are an Adult and wish to be Baptised, this can also be arranged at Christ Church, and again we operate an Open Policy towards Adult Baptism at Christ Church. 

To discuss any aspect of Christening and to make arrangements please contact the Vicar (Rev Trevor Wyatt) via the office

For additional information please visit Church of England Christenings Website

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